What are the best apothecary jars for storing your imported spices?

We know how important it is for you to keep your spices fresh for as long as possible. The purpose of any spice is to give your food a special aroma or flavor. Miron glass apothecary jars are an excellent solution to protect your imported spices from the harmful effects of sunlight. In fact, thanks to its characteristic violet color, this glass has the ability to maintain the molecular structure of your spices for much longer. In other words, it will keep their aromas and flavors fresh for weeks. There is nothing better than being able to cook every day and have the flavors and aromas fresh as the first time. Violet apothecary jars are the ideal containers to have in your kitchen or wherever you want to store natural products.

The best restaurants in the world use them

The world’s top chefs recognize the positive effect that violet light has on natural products. That’s why they use apothecary jars made with Miron glass so that their dishes maintain the same aroma and flavor which is responsible for keeping their customers coming back again and again. Can you imagine how terrible it is to feel how your favorite spices lose their physical and chemical properties? If you use violet apothecary jars, this will not happen to you. In fact, some time ago, a study was done to evaluate the effectiveness of this type of glass. The study consisted of preserving a cherry tomato inside a container made of violet glass. The result? The cherry tomato remained intact after 6 months. Imagine the same effect on your precious imported spices.

Apothecary jars can be used for much more than just spices

The focus of this article is on showing the benefits of Miron glass to keep your imported spices fresh for much longer. But what if you want to use your apothecary jars to store another type of natural product? Will it work? The answer is yes. Let’s take coffee as an example. Many coffee containers focus on keeping air out of the container. What would you say if we told you that violet apothecary jars are a better alternative? Not only do they keep the air out of contact with the coffee, but they also energize the coffee. We’re not talking about superpowers. We’re talking about your coffee having exactly the same aroma and flavor as if it were freshly ground. This is particularly useful when you don’t have a coffee grinder at home.