Web Applications Development

At some point, most business owners realize that it is time to create a digital product, for example, an educational website or an online store. One of the options for developing such a product is to create a web application. It is a complete application that customers use through a browser. TRIARE has many years of experience in creating web applications. We know everything about their features, and we work openly, under the complete control of the customer, so that the client can understand their advantages at the main stages of development.

What is a Web Application?

Unlike a website, a web application is a complete program that the user can access via the Internet, that is, it does not need to be installed on a device. The web application is interactive and allows users to interact with different elements: for example, leave a request for the purchase of a product, check out an airline ticket, or comment on a friend’s post.

You can create a web application in almost any field, and all of them can be of benefit to both customers and business. Here are some web application ideas:

  • social networks;
  • games;
  • educational products;
  • booking systems for tickets and hotels;
  • online stores;
  • financial solutions;
  • web version of the software.
  • Web applications can be classified in different ways: depending on their functionality and purpose.

There are three main website building templates:

  • MPA (multi-page application): a multi-page application that sends a request to the server and completely refreshes the page when an action is taken on it;
  • SPA (single-page application): a single page application that contains an HTML page that dynamically refreshes based on user actions – without a full reload.
  • PWA (progressive web application): an application that the user installs and can use offline.
  • Our experts will develop for you those of them that work best in your specific case and are optimal for solving your business problems.

What do we offer?

Here are the most popular types of business applications developed by TRIARE specialists:

  • corporate portals. Here, you can automate many business processes with a single product. The corporate portal allows you to work with documents, track the work of employees, communicate with contractors, hold PR events, link company departments, etc .;
  • CRM (customer relationship management). Allows you to set up a sales funnel, manage customer relationships, maintain a client base and reduce document flow;
  • ERP (enterprise resource planning). An ERP system can open up new opportunities for you: standardize reporting forms, control processes, improve interaction between departments and integrate counterparties into the workflow;
  • e-commerce systems. This is your opportunity to tell customers about products in detail, accept applications and, in fact, sell goods or services. This will shorten the path of the product to the consumer and reduce transaction costs.

Our advantages are:

  • using the most advanced working methods;
  • high qualification of employees;
  • cooperation with the client at all stages of development;
  • transparency of work at each stage;
  • acceptable prices.

More information about TRIARE’s work can be found at https://triare.net/service-web-development/.