Top 6 Qualities of a Good Driver

Many people think driving is as easy as it looks. You’ll see a young adult sitting behind the wheel and moving at a fast speed and you may think that is all it is about driving.

Driving is a skill that requires learning, practicing, and honing. You can’t say you can drive if you have not practiced. And for this reason, you’ll never conclude driving school if you have not practiced after classroom learning.

After you must have learned and practiced, you should hone it especially if you want to be differentiated from every other driver behind the wheel and you don’t want your car under repair all the time.

Critical reports from BritainReviews show that driving is more about individual personality type and the  behavioral pattern is what sets the mood on the road. Little wonder, why someone who is always fearful and het-up may not know how to drive well than a strong and bold person.

However, this behavioral pattern that reflects in driving is a function of little effort and skill put in changing bad attitudes for good ones, substituting forwardness for calmness, etc.

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Below are Top 6 qualities of a good driver that you should possess:

1.   Attitude

A good driver has the right attitude towards things in general. A person that is syrupy and enraged cannot be calm on the wheel. Have you ever seen some drivers slamming their fists hard on the wheel because of a little traffic or someone got into their way? This is why the right attitude is important. A good driver tolerates people. He/she knows that humans are likely to make mistakes.

To be a good driver, you must be able to know stress levels and how to behave when stressed. If you have identified some bad habits, constantly overcome them with deliberate effort.

2.   Driving Skill

It is not so easy as it seems to sit behind the wheels, change gears occasionally and steer the wheel smoothly without swaying up and down or running into a ditch. Having the right skill also has a positive impact on the vehicle. The vehicle’s body and body parts are maintained because there’s no rough or careless handling.

A good driver must be able to think. He must be calculative and be ready for whatever mistake another road user may make. He/she is a good driver when he is alert and is able to make quick moves.

3.   Knowledge

It is not enough to just sit behind the wheels and rev the engine, a good driver must be knowledgeable about the causes of accident on the road. He understands the vehicle compositions and so knows the maneuvering ability of the vehicle. If there are sharp bends on roads, he knows just about the time he is to make the turn.

4.   Bounded by Regulations and Laws

Laws make and shape us. So also is the traffic laws and vehicle maintenance laws. He sticks to the laws because he knows the repercussions of not following orders.

5.   Self-disciplined

It’s very easy to disorder laws when road regulatory bodies are out of sight, but a good driver follows laws and road signs regardless.

6.   Mechanical ability

A good driver should be able to offer first aid service to his vehicle. He should know the function of the vehicle’s body parts and be able to use them. Mechanical abilities include: Changing vehicle tires, changing car batteries.

The qualities of a good driver are wide but only a few qualities are seen in most drivers or only a few drivers possess these qualities. A driver respects that equal access is given to all road users and so he doesn’t devalue them in all actions he takes.