Top 3 Online Banks in France


Always one of the important issues in the life of humans is financial management. In different periods of time, people always tried to improve this term in their life with dissimilar creations. However the traditional way of solving the financial issue was about banks. The idea of banks in every country made the situation very easier for people to manage their financial transactions and improve their life security. Nevertheless, today in continuation of all that updates, people started to enjoy using their bank services from everywhere and at any time just with an online device. In this short article, we will focus on France as a one of the important countries in the sphere of banking, we will try to inform users about the top online banks 2021 that exist and are active in this country.

Best Online Banks in France

France is a country with almost more than 3 million customers that are using online banks; However because of population and the demands, there are so many online banks that are now active and people still are following them. Nevertheless we will discuss the top online banks in this country that can satisfy all customers with different types of needs.

Definitely when there are topics about online banking, users can find the name of N26 or better to say “Number 26”. This bank with the base in Berlin, is totally working from the app and customers can do transactions and any activities totally in online format. Additionally N26 offers two different types of account, one is N26 Current Account that allows users to have a free bank card, and the N26 Black that with associated cards allows customers to have insurance and withdrawals in foreign country without any fees.

Surly, if we speak about famous online banks in France, the names like Monabanq or BforBank come up. Each of these banks with special offers and bonuses made life easier for their users. However, on top of our list we need to put Boursorama Banque and Hello bank with so many followers and users. But the most followers and customers are in the hands of ING in France territory. ING provides so many opportunities and special services for users, today have more than 1 million account holders in France.


This is not easy to say which bank is better than others especially in the time that people are more attracted to use Online banking services. However with shortly observation and analysis, we can say in case of France, as one of the significant countries in terms of online banking, there are so many choices for users but according to statistics and motivation of customers, today Top online banks in France can be identify by ING, Boursorama Banque and N26 because of their popularity among customers in recent years. Still there are so many options that have been mentioned before that can be at the top of the list.