Should You Buy A New Bike From Motorcycle Importers?

Buying a new motorcycle for any bike enthusiast is always a great and exciting process. There are however two main options to explore here. First, you can decide to buy directly from foreign dealers or from local importers. Buying from importers is the focus of this blog. Is it really worth it and what kind of benefits do you get? Well, do not worry because the following breakdown gives you all these answers.

Bike Importers Always Have Top Brands

It is a well-known fact that some of the best motorcycles in the world are foreign. Japan in particular has dominated the bike market for years, and for good reasons. The Asian country produces some of the best bikes in the world and all major bike brands are located there.

The US also has a few major bike brands, but not nearly as competitive as Japan. A bike importer will typically have access to these major motorcycle brands. This will ultimately make it easier for you as a buyer to find the best bikes in the market without having to import on your own.

Customs and Shipping Logistics Are Taken Care Off

Say, for example, you wanted to import your own bike. It’s actually nothing new, a lot of people have done it before. But importing on your own is harder than you think. You will need to understand the logistics involved in shipping, port clearance, and even navigating through customs. You may also find several import restrictions on certain bikes.

All this info can be too much to process, especially if you are importing for the first time. But you don’t have to go through this. Let the motorcycle importers take care of the shipping and logistics. In the end, you can simply show up in their warehouse, pick a bike and be off on your way.

Disadvantages of Buying From Importers

For all its benefits, buying your bike from motorcycle importers also has some cons. For example, the importer has the discretion to decide which brands he or she will bring to the country. In fact, this is a very common practice. For example, you will notice that some importers only import bikes from Japan and nowhere else. Others also have a few chosen brands for import. This may therefore limit your ability to find specific bikes. In addition to this, buying from an importer can also be a bit pricey. However, this depends on the bike brand, its features, and taxes imposed at the port of entry.