5 Ways Technology Has Changed Our World

Technology has taken the front seat in everything in the world . From health to music and movie production, to record keeping, business and sports, etc. These are only but the few places technology has completely or almost completely replaced human expertise.

With the invention of certain machines and techniques, the world never remained the same. Platforms like ReviewsBird.com give people a platform to air their views on these inventions and changes they have brought.

This article is specifically going to discuss five ways in which technology has changed the world.

1. In Communications

While Graham Bell just wanted a more effective way of communicating with others, his ingenious invention of the telephone changed how information was transmitted over distance. The foundational ideas governing the telephone were even modified further to create  telecom networks and social media applications.

 2. In  Transportation

Inventions like the car changed how we move goods and people from one to place to another. Animals took the back seat and cars, trucks, lorries, and other motor vehicle inventions made movement easier and faster. And  this has even created more jobs for people and revenue for governments. After the Wright Brothers invented the airplane, places that formally weren’t accessible became accessible.

3. In Health and Food Preservation

There are numerous disease diagnosis techniques as well as certain medical procedures that have been invented and existing ones that have been upgraded thanks to technological advancement. These inventions and upgrades have saved lives over the years. With inventions like the fridge and vacuum flask, the preservation of food both hot and cold became easier as against earlier methods.

4. In Warfare:

The atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan and the damages that single bomb caused which can be still seen generations later marked a new dawn in military warfare. From dane guns to rocket launchers to grenades, the improvement overtime is massive. Nowadays it’s a battle of nuclear weapons and remote guided missiles and unmanned drones. Technology indeed had changed warfare.

5.  In  Education

Thanks to the Internet which is also thanks to technology, people have better access to academic material, especially remotely. With the abundance of online courses and digital resource material, there are endless opportunities to explore. How about computer based tests? You don’t have to be present to write exams anymore. With active internet connection and a good computer, you can remotely acquire a certificate from any institution of your choice. There is no way to talk about how technology has shaped and changed almost everything in the world in generic terms. One has to be specific with their approach.

Bottom Line

Like there are positives to the advent and progress of technology, there are negatives likewise. It is left for us to change the world as we deem fit for ourselves  as well as others at large. It would be an inexhaustible list if we take into account the hundreds of thousands of ways technology has changed the world, positive and negative likewise.