5 Tips for Keeping Your Fruits and Vegetables Fresh Inside The Fridge

Most of the time, we cannot finish all the fruits and vegetables we get from the store all at once. We end up throwing them out or gobbling them just before they go bad.

Do we really have to do these? The answer is no. There are ways to make fruits and vegetables last longer in the fridge.

In this article, we’ll share five tips for keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh inside the fridge. On UK.collected.reviews, you’ll find so much information about food companies too. Below are five tips for keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh inside the fridge.

1.          Keep The Fridge Clean:

Some fruits and vegetables don’t go bad quickly because you don’t preserve them well. Instead, they go bad because your fridge isn’t well cleaned. Food encourages the growth of molds and bacteria. This is why you should take your time and clean your fridge very well before putting the fruit and vegetables in. A clean fridge helps your fruit and vegetables retain as much freshness as possible.

2.          Store Them Whole:

Some people still think that cutting up fruits and vegetables into tiny bits before storing them in the fridge helps them stay fresh for a longer time. This is not true at all. It makes them very exposed to air. This, in turn, causes them to rot early. Store your fruits and vegetables whole, and you’ll see how long they stay fresh. For fruits and vegetables that are too big to be stored whole, make sure to keep them in an airtight bag before putting them into the fridge. Airtight bags keep away moisture which is a primary cause of decay.

3.          Salt Bath:

For fruits like berries which grow molds quickly, it is important that you wash them in warm water that contains some salt to help get rid of bacteria or any potential mold growth. Try this, and you’ll see that the berries will stay fresh for long! You can try this method for all fruits that have the tendency to grow mold quickly, not just berries.

4.          Use Airtight Bags: 

Make sure to store your vegetables and fruits in airtight plastic bags and paper towels. They help to keep moisture away. When moisture gets into the fruit and vegetable, it encourages decay. In place of airtight bags, you could use paper towels. But make sure to wrap them up properly.

5.          Take Away The Wilting and Rotting Ones:

When storing fruits and vegetables, make sure to take away yellowing vegetables or decaying fruits from the fridge. When they are left in the fridge with the fresh ones, they can make them go bad too.

6.          Final Notes

Yes, it is possible to keep your vegetables and fruits, and enjoy them for a longer time! Employ these tips we have shown you properly to get maximum results. It’s high time you stopped throwing out fruits and vegetables just because they don’t last in the fridge!