Action Camera Review: Xiaomi Yi 4k

09 Feb

The most recent version of the Yi cameras features a touchscreen as well as 4K video recording. The Yi 4K is accessible China and unboxing videos and first reviews arrive. It’s also going to gather and share startup-scripts for changing the chipset that makes this camera one of the greatest and very flexible worth of activity cameras.

Yi 4K camera is a great value as well as good. For half the cost you’re getting similar quality, minus the brand name of the cause.

There’s also a comparison video that reveals the appearances that are somewhat different. The Yi has more challenging contrast yet low light capabilities and a yellowish white balance.

FOR ALMOST TWO years GoPro’s Hero4 Black has become the standard bearer for actions cameras. It can shoot 4K at 30 frames per second, 1080p at a blistering 120fps, as well as the footage from both looks amazing. Two years is quite a long time to be sitting on a throne plus it gives considerable time to possible usurpers. That’s only what’s occurred with the Yi 4K Action Camera.

The Yi is nearly just a GoPro. It looks just like a GoPro. Everybody saw it to believed it was a GoPro. As is the latch on the watertight casing, the font in its menu system is familiar. It can shoot at the same high rates as the Hero4 Black. The routine of beeps for stopping and starting record is the same. What ’s the difference? The Hero4 Black and the Yi 4K cost $500 and $250, respectively. But wait, there.

When the Hero4 line was made by GoPro, it determined the mid-grade Silver edition would have a touchscreen on the rear, but that the top-grade Black version wouldn’t. The Yi 4K essentially took the Black version and place the Silver edition’s display on it, but it’s bigger (2.19 inches versus 1.5 inches), higher resolution (330 pixels per inch), and more receptive than GoPro’s.

The catch is the fact that the Yi 4K has just one button. You solicit it to start/stop recording and it is held by you also to power up/down. In the event, you would like to alter styles or tweak settings you’ve got to do it through the touchscreen (or matched smartphone program for Android and iOS). If you’re indoors this really is really all fine and great, but if it’s glowing outside, the display is virtually impossible to read. Additionally, it means you can’t settings or shift styles in the event that you’ve got it in a watertight casing. (There’s a workaround for switching between picture and video, but it’s kind of a pain.)

The Yi 4K vs. GoPro

GoPro undeniably leads the pack as it pertains to activity cameras. The business’s cameras are so well known that “GoPro” possibly hazards becoming a common term. Nevertheless, there are a lot of options out there which give a serious run for their money to GoPro’s Hero cameras.

One such version is the Yi 4K Action Camera. On paper, it goes toe to toe in some place, and with GoPro’s Hero4 Black manages to best it. Obviously, the playing field has changed with the start of the GoPro Hero5 Black.

Nonetheless, the Yi 4K Action Camera stays striking on the count of its own selling price. This feature-packed camera could be picked up for approximately £250, or even less should you look at imports from the Far East. As low as £200. GoPro is seriously undercut by that.

The Yi 4K doesn’t have as GoPro as many shooting modes. It doesn’t have the same Superview that smashes more from the top and bottom of your frame and is better for selfie angles (on the nose of a surfboard or at the end of a selfie stick while snowboarding, say). It can’t shoot at 24fps, making footage look more cinematic. The Yi is locked at a 155-degree field of view, which means you can’t alter the field of view of narrow, medium, and broad like you can with a GoPro. Audio quality is about equivalent to the GoPro, plus it performs better in low light. Dimly lit footage is noisy as hell, but you could, however, see more of it than you can with the GoPro.

Yi’s smartphone program doesn’t be that is as shone as GoPro, but it functioned fine. The Yi features 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios which mean clips transfer to your cell phone quicker. Connection to the camera was easy and very quick, and it absolutely was easy to alter settings, start and stop recording, and cut subsequently transfer clips to your mobile. The truth is, the program can add Instagram-like filters to your content. A number of them have the exact name as blockers on Instagram.

The most significant updated of new Yi II 4K is the image sensor. It’s now using a more rapid IMX377 12-megapixel image sensor with a detector size of 1/2.3 inch. It’s effective at shooting on video in 4K ultra HD resolution at 30 frames per second. Comparing to the 1080P total High Definition of Yi, it could be the most important reason to update and is actually a great development.


The Amount of Creativity

There’s simply nothing original about this camera. At all. The hardware, the applications, the characteristics, they were all cribbed from other firms (mainly GoPro). So obviously, it much more affordable; Yi just needed to spend a portion of the R&D cash that GoPro did.

YI 4K Action Camera Specs


The camera features a 12,35 MP Sony IMX377 detector. That’s a 1/2.3? CMOS image sensor with Exmor R skill. Don’t get irritated as the detector of the very first Yi Action Camera features the bigger 16 MP Sony Exmor IMX206 detector. The IMX377 empowers the brand new version to shoot native 4K video and is quicker!


YI 4K Action Camera holds an Ambarella A9SE processor – latest variant. An A9 Ambarella processor is additionally used by GoPro Hero 4 black version.

Video Resolution & Frame Rate

4K – (3840 x 2160) – 30 / 25 fps (60 mbps)
2.7K – (2704 x 1520) – 60 / 30 / 50 / 25 fps
1440p – (1920 x 1440) – 60 / 50 / 30 / 25 fps
1080p – (1920 x 1080) – 120 / 100 / 60 / 50 / 30 / 25 fps
960p – (1280 x 960) – 120 / 100 / 60 / 50 fps
720p – (1280 x 720) – 240 /200 fps
480p – (848 x 480) – 240 / 200 fps

Video Format

.mp4 format, .h264 codec.


So that’s a bit smaller when compared with the 16MP pictures of YI 1, 12 MP resolution, due to the smaller detector.



7 layer optical glass lens with f2.8 aperture; 155° FOV
Focal length: 2.68millimeter


YI 4K Action Camera also includes a screen: 2,19 640 x 360 pixel with 330PPI resolution, diameter. The screen is a touch screen similar to GoPro Hero 4 silver.


The most remarkable battery got 1400 mAh capacity and was enhanced. 110 min. of recording are potential in 4K resolution with 30fps.

While a 1010 mAh battery is held by the Chinese Variant of the YI Action Camera 1, the International Version uses a somewhat smaller 990 mAh Sony battery, therefore it continues more.


microSD card support for cards up to 128GB; Group 10 advocated. (U3 advocated for a 4K video!)

Connectivity & Interfaces


YI 4K Action Camera uses a double band wifi network (2.4 & 5 GHz) to ensure more rapid download speeds up to 30Mbps download speed.


The camera features Bluetooth 4.0 for the remote control.


That is a tiny opening on the side, for microUSB, there’s no microHDMI!
A/V out via USB is potential, not certain about Mic-in

On the underparts of the camera, there’s a door for microSD card & the battery
a 1/4 Tripod ribbon stays for mounting next to it.