Review On The New SJCAM SJ5000

22 Oct

The SJCAM SJ5000 Wifi is available for $106.80. The SJCAM SJ5000 Wifi is an activity camera, which means it’s robust enough to accompany you on outdoor experiences such as surfing, mountain biking, and portable, and even skydiving to name some. Action cams are mostly used for recording videos and are extremely popular amongst extreme sports enthusiasts. This version can go as far down as 98ft submerged and is waterproof.


  • Good quality footage
  • Choice of resolutions
  • Cheap


  • Case challenging to clean
  • Some tricky settings adjustments in program
  • Can Not stream video to mobile devices

Build and managing

The SJ5000X looks like the GoPro Hero chain of cameras, with a removable 30m waterproof housing that’s secured by a compaction lever lock. The case is comparable to the older styled GoPro Standard watertight casing. When put side by side against the Hero4 case, it’s larger in all measurements notably depth. The case also features the old safety lock design which makes the case impossible to open accidentally, and when you try to release the lock it can be catchy. The lens features the screwed in cover layout rather than the newer smooth case design of the latest GoPro’s. It does become a dirt trap in muddy conditions, although this makes cutting on filters on very easy.


Great resolution pictures can be taken by the SJCAM SJ5000 Wifi at 14 megapixels. Megapixels, but do not tell the entire story. Image quality is greatly dependent on the sensor size of a camera as well. The SJ5000 Wifi has a 1/2.3″ sensor, which is a little kind detector that measures about 6.17 x 4.55 mm. This allows the camera to be mobile, but will not be able to compete in image quality against cameras with larger sensors. For circumstance, full frame sensors are about 36 x 24 millimeters supplying a far bigger area for image recording.

The difference in the picture recorded by a full-frame sensor and a smaller one like this is known as the crop variable. Lower harvest variables (closer to 1) are better since more of the image is being received by the sensor.


The camera makes the most of the typical GoPro mount layout and attaching the camera to almost anything is simple enough, even though the minor added bulk and weight of the SJ5000X do mean that you’ll need to take extra care to make certain that all bolts are completely fixed on your own mount to prevent wobble.

Unlike the iSAW Edge or the GoPro Hero range, there is no direct electricity on and record button, or so the camera needs to be switched on utilizing the Mode button and the shutter button to record. Changing resolutions and ways is easy and quick, though, using the buttons on the big clear screen and the camera.

As with the bulk of new action cameras, Wi-Fi comes as normal and is activated with a fast push of the dedicated button on the side. After on the SJCam Zone app is downloaded (iOS or Android) it can quickly be paired to the device using Wifi. Connection quality between mobile apparatus and the camera is good, however, there’s a noticeable delay of great 1-2 seconds, depending on the space between apparatus and also your place. Along with living perspective, the program enables you to adjust all of the modes and the camera’s settings, in addition, to reviewing what you have shot. As there is no method to stream between cellular and camera reviewing footage is expensive on storage for your mobile device, though. Instead, before it can be previewed, a chosen file needs to be downloaded to the mobile apparatus. As the SJ5000X has an adequate display, though, finding the footage you want prior to downloading it isn’t too much of an issue.

SJ4000 vs SJ5000+

The biggest edge of SJ5000 Plus is its ability to record videos at 60 fps at 1080p. No other SJCAM product before it absolutely was capable of doing that. In addition to higher frames per second in a 1080p manner, this camera offers better detector and better picture resolution. Clearly, it performs better in low light state and has slightly more natural colors.

With screens being the same size, there isn’t any feature in which SJ4000 can conquer the SJ5000 plus, except, wait for it… Cost.

Are all advancements worth the price difference you may be wondering? Well, that actually depends on your demands.

The truth is the fact that folks used to adore SJCAM products because of features that are abundant and its affordable cost. With all the preceding merchandise, I was under impression that I was getting a better deal. I was the victor in consumer vs manufacturer conflict. But not with the SJ5000 plus. 169$ is now said by its price tag.
While on one hand, it’s better characteristics than the 4000 WiFi, you can add few more dollars and get an activity camera from an established brand like GoPro or Sony. I am aware that this is not a comparison of the Sony AS100V vs SJ5000, but in case you are patient enough, you may get the Sony┬┤s camera for around 199-219$ (This is precisely what I paid for mine. Purchased immediately from Sony).


The marketplace for the budget attribute packaged actions cameras is growing and there are lots of very competent cameras available for the SJ5000X. It packs in more features than many including Wi Fi and 120fps at 720p resolution, and these make it quite appealing. In the event you’re searching for a budget camera then this really is a great solid option but if you are into sports where the camera is likely to get dirty then it is worth taking a look at an option without the bolt fashion instance.