The iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Comparison

16 Feb

Authentic to the leaks and rumors, Apple’s 2016 handset is a more reserved affair because apparently, Cupertino is saving all the best items for 2017’s model. Yes, if the rumors continue to be true, what we’re looking at in September next year is a whole ground-up rebuild and revamp of the iPhone brand. Whether it’s called the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8, or something more outlandish for the 10-year anniversary of the brand (iPhone X maybe?), this is purportedly the iPhone Jony Ive always wanted to assemble.

Supposedly it’ll be made mainly out of either glass or transparent Zirconia ceramic, possibly with a metal frame (though perhaps not – there are conflicting rumors on the issue). There are at present three forms rumored, together with the top-tier version being the first iPhone with an OLED display panel. This new screen may take up significantly more of the fascia and could even be a wrap around or edge-to-border affair, according to some sources.

The Touch ID fingerprint scanner along with a Home key will remain but will seemingly be hidden under the increased display panel, and may use either ultrasonic or optical sensor tech to operate.

The iPhone 7 is finally here, and boy has it been the subject of headlines. Between the new A10 Fusion processor and ultra-classy finish, the device doesn’t merely look fantastic it performs well, too. But does it stand up to other mains released this year?

It truly is considered the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge one of the top devices of the year. On the surface, the Galaxy S7 Edge and its edgy design are more progressive in relation to the new iPhone 7 but progressive doesn’t always mean better. That being the case, set the two cellphones head to head to discover which is better.

It’s the biggest head-to-head since Game of Thrones’s Battle of the Bastards, and one that’s being fought more closely than the greatest quest to demand the Iron Throne. Having recently lost its smartphone supremacy crown, Apple with the newly found iPhone 7 release is looking to dethrone the Samsung Galaxy S7 as the very best smartphone to buy right now.


But can it? Well, the iPhone 7 might not feature the radical redesign many were hoping for, also it has killed off the headphone port, but it’s made just enough developments to give the S7 a serious run for its money.

So, in case you’re in the market for a new cellphone, in case you plump for Apple’s new handset or simply opt for the S7? Well, with these flagship phones costing so much and contract intervals so long, we’d recommend reading on a genuinely detecting which phone is best for you.

iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Design: Like picking your favorite super model

Despite being two of the best-looking, well-built devices out there, this really is very much a battle of the rehashes. The iPhone 7 is the third take on the stunningly svelte design first introduced by the 2014-released iPhone 6. The S7, by contrast, is only a modest design update on last year’s S6.

The iPhone isn’t an absolute clone though. Several changes have been introduced to mix things up just enough. Some you’ll desire, others, well, not so much. Falling into the former column, Apple has cut back on those awful antenna lines while retaining the same easy-on-the-eye curvaceous alloy body. On the negative side, it is time to wave adieu to the traditional 3.5mm headphone interface. Seriously.

Rendering your current cans a phone-dodging redundancy, Apple has killed off the headphone jack and instead compel folks to either make do with an unpleasant adapter, purchase a pair of Bluetooth headphones or use the basic pair of Lightning EarPods that coming to the box. New Conquers anyone? Regardless of how good-looking the mobile is, Apple’s move to kill the headphone port will be a serious reason for many to dodge it and plump for the S7 instead.

Heck’s it’s even pissed off Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. If [the iPhone 7]’s missing the headphone jack, that is gonna tick off a lot of people.

A present headphone connector is not all the Sammy smartphone’s got going for it either. Yes, the Apple effort might be leaner, sleeker and lighter, but unlike the S7 it doesn’t have the same alternatives of the curved edge display introduced by the S7 Edge.

Both, however, offer striking waterproof skills. While the iPhone 7 can now be dropped down the toilet with little worry, the S7 is with the capacity of defying 30 minutes submerged in up to 1.5 meters of water without succumbing to a watery demise.

Apple’s 2016 smartphone takes on the Samsung Galaxy main in the supreme iOS vs Android face off.

Earlier this year, Samsung lifted the lid on what many believe is already the cellphone of the year: the Galaxy S7. The handset is the end result of years of refinement by Samsung and is possibly the finest platform on which to showcase Android in all of its Marshmallow glory.

But facing off against the Galaxy S7 is the iPhone 7, Apples new flagship for 2016 that is an equally formidable handset. In true Apple style, the iPhone 7 provides an elegant, minimalist design and seriously powerful hardware.

But which is the greatest pick? Does the Galaxy S7s unbeatable spec-sheet make it the obvious choice? Or will the simplicity of Apple’s approach sway you? Let’s compare the two and see which should be your next phone.

There is extremely little to discern iOS 10 and Android 7.0 Nougat.

Both are mature, stable and feature-laden mobile operating systems. However, as it pertains to debut a brand-new app, many developers still prioritize Apple’s App Store.

There are several reasons for this namely, iOS apps have a tendency to make more money for programmers than their Play Store identical.

Research by independent design and development agency Infinium also revealed the average Android program takes 28 percent longer to develop than its iOS counterpart.

That’s because, normally, the Android variant of an app features around 38 per cent more code to get the same functionality.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a supremely attractive handset, boasting a svelte 142 x 70 x 8mm chassis plus a weight of only 152g.

The telephone features a glass front and back, with the edges of the apparatus framed in metal. This glass construction certainly looks attractive, but it’s fragile; it’s super-easy to crack the S7. We’ve used a number of S7 and S7 Edges over the past months and more than half of them have suffered from a cracked rear.

The Galaxy S7 is available in five colors: Black, White, Gold, Silver, and Pink Gold. Overall, it’s the most appealing Samsung smartphone to date.

The iPhone 7 is also good looking and could be the most alluring Apple handset we’ve seen to date. But, the fundamental layout is the same as that of the iPhone 6. If you’ve upgraded from one iPhone to the next then you’re probably looking for a device that offers a unique design and they wouldn’t blame you.

The iPhone 7 has a slender 7.1mm chassis, with antenna banding that’s far less prominent than it was on the iPhone 6S. The phone is lightweight at just 138g, and its a little smaller compared to the Galaxy S7 by virtue of its dinkier screen.

For the first time ever, Apple is offering five color options for its new smartphone: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Black, and Jet Black. All are matte, except for the shiny Jet Black.

If you’re after something a bit different then we’d surely opt for one of the two black models. They favor the matte black, simply since the Jet Black appears like an absolute scratch and fingerprint magnet.