Finest Digital Pen Tool for Graphics Design

27 Feb

Gain precision and control from beginning concept to final design. Whether you’re compositing a creative concept in Photoshop, developing emblem elements in Illustrator, or laying out page designs, you’ll appreciate the efficient and streamlined workflow of working with a pressure-sensitive pen tablet. You’ll also feel the benefits of holding a pen in your hand, instead of pushing a mouse or trackpad, making your work that much more gratifying.

When they say ‘tools used by digital illustrators’, they don’t mean pencil, paper, and scanner, or even caffeine. While working with your hands – things that may genuinely make you more productive, they mean tools that can assist you to create art entirely digitally. Fortunately, there are thousands of them, so let’s sketch out a few of your options.

Prior to going out and purchase stuff, note that you simply could have a decent little digital sketchbook in your pocket already. Samsung’s Galaxy Note tablets come with a stylus, it may be good enough for jotting down some quick initial notions and while most people would desire more power and flexibility.

The iPad is much more popular, naturally, and there are plenty of styluses available for it. It’s a little bit of an uncomfortable alternative, mind you; the iPad was never meant to be used with a stylus, so some have had to come up with slightly inelegant compromises in order to operate properly, plus the slipperiness of that glistening glass Retina screen can be off-putting.

Adobe Suite

Whatever you specialize in- layout marketing, illustration, or digital media – establishing an efficient workflow depends on your capability to easily and efficiently introduce design components and build out your notions.

In Adobe Photoshop, Wacom pen tablets activate the pressure-sensitive features in the Adobe Brush Engine. You may notice the benefits in making selection masks and in the use of pencil pressure to paint and combine finely controlled adjustments to color and light. Correcting the quantity of pressure you apply to the pen tip, you can implement more or less of an “effect” or combination layers to give a natural look.


A more natural pencil in Adobe Illustrator

Given the natural, ergonomic feel of the Wacom pen alone, there’s actually no better way to make digital illustrations on your computer. Of the various tools that are available in Adobe Illustrator, there is a handful that’s specifically optimized for Wacom pen tablets. Tools that offer brushlike functionality, including Paintbrush, Blob Brush, and the Eraser, take advantage of tilt, pen pressure, and in some instances, even turning, as do specialty tools, such as Liquify and the Symbol Sprayer. These tools allow artists and designers to develop freeform shapes and stylized visuals when paired with the Wacom pen tablet.

Adobe Illustrator and Wacom Pen Tablets: A Better Method to Unleash Creativity

Adobe Illustrator and Intuos Pro produce clean, extendable graphics providing professional designers and illustrators using a better strategy to create.

Featuring a host of creative tools, Adobe Illustrator has long been an application of choice for designers and illustrators alike. Sophisticated software capabilities enable users to create complex designs and illustrations that capture their creativity with greater ease.

With quite a few characteristics, like point alignment, course editing, and precise positioning Adobe Illustrator allows users to work more efficiently with custom workspaces by taking advantage of the easy-to-use interface, featuring space-saving and custom viewing choices.

Taking Adobe Illustrator to a Brand New Level

The Intuos Pro pen tablet offers today’s digital artists an ergonomic device that unites pressure-sensitive pen and multi-touch capabilities, producing precision and control that’s optimized to function with Adobe Illustrator to speed workflow.

For professionals, the Intuos Pro produces improved performance and customization with better resolution, sensitivity and pen tilt recognition. The workspace offers broad strokes and arm movements that are smooth, while the multi-touch surface lets you zoom, scroll and placement work using intuitive gestures, allowing for more realistic strokes.

The Intuos Pro offers customizable ExpressKeys that may be assigned to application- specific settings in addition to a Radial Menu which works with Adobe Illustrator, placing your favorite shortcuts and menu options at your fingertips.

Getting the Most Out of Adobe Illustrator with Intuos Pro

Of the numerous tools that are obtainable in Adobe Illustrator, there’s a smattering that is certainly specially optimized for Intuos Pro. Tools that provide brush like functionality, including Blob Brush, Paintbrush, and the Eraser as well as specialty tools like the Symbol Sprayer and Liquify take advantage of pencil-pressure, tilt and in a few cases even spinning. When paired with the Intuos Pro, these tools enable artists and designers to bring freeform shapes and stylized looks to life.

Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Moleskine’s new writing set offers the shape and feel of their mind-blowingly popular classic notebooks – and now the brand is firmly in the twenty-first century. Exactly like its rivals, you transcribe handwritten notes into digital text can edit notes and share your notes and sketches.

Its standout features, though, are writing color alternatives, page detection (write on any page and also the pen will learn which one) and that the pencil also takes conventional refills. Just like the notebook, the pen is attractively assembled – with an aluminum body. Moleskine’s pencil’s characteristics (for example storage up to 1,000 pages) overlap with the Neo smartpen – unsurprisingly, as they Moleskine’s was made using Neo smartpen tech.

Wacom Bamboo Spark

Wacom’s Bamboo Spark’s coolest feature is that it can be properly used within the folio that comes with it with any paper because of transmitter inside a receiver plus its pen.

Within the app (to which you are able to transfer pages in merely a few seconds via Bluetooth), you can ‘rewind’ your drawing line-by-line and export at any point. Though the case just holds 100 pages (unlike Moleskine’s and Neo smartpen’s 1,000), you can easily store pages to the cloud, and share through the typical platforms. Unlike competitors including the Moleskine Smart Writing Set as well as the Neo smartpen, you can’t refill with standard cartridges.

You may have come on here expecting the Inkling -but the Bamboo Spark is Wacom’s second, better attempt at a pencil that was smart, and makes the Inkling rather unimportant. You can check a hands-on review to figure out why the Bamboo Spark is better.

Livescribe 3

The Livescribe 3 might take some getting used to, as it’s thicker than ordinary pens – but it’s definitely worth getting to know it, as it works with precision and ease. The same as its adversaries, the Livescribe 3 offers to transcribe, sharing and organizing notes – but the program also lets you record sound while scribbling.

Not only does it have amazing write-ups when it comes down to actually using the pen, but the Livescribe 3 might save you some money as it doesn’t necessarily demand special paper: you can print Livescribe’s variety of paper when you have a 600dpi (or higher) inkjet printer. Yet, you can’t use regular ink cartridges with it – only Livescribe ones.


BLCK INK is newer to the game – and, as a result, is less analyzed and known. If its marketing videos – which are unique in that they concentrate on art, rather than note-taking – are anything to go by, this may produce truly beautiful results with greater precision and accuracy and is the top pencil for drawing. It offers much the same attributes as other pencils, for example, sharing and instant transfer, on the list, but we’re hoping it lives up to its promise of transferring drawings to such quality that they appear just as good on your own phone as they do on paper.

Mouse Users Should Ditch Photoshop and Draw in Illustrator

Creating digitally gives astounding possibilities. You get it’s all in a friendly, clean environment and so many colors, so many substances, every mistake can be fixed readily – you just need to turn off your computer afterward. All these advantages are the reason why so many artists try their hands at Adobe Photoshop.

This application, although so popular and powerful, is designed to work with a graphic tablet. Drawing with a mouse is possible, but it is challenging, time-consuming and very frustrating. On the other hand, there exists another product of exactly the same business – Illustrator. And while Photoshop (and every other raster drawing software) favors graphics tablet users, Illustrator doesn’t mind creating with a mouse.