The Best Cameras for Kids

23 Feb

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When you seek Cameras for Children on the B&H website, you get a small collection of cute cameras with princesses or cartoon characters on them. While these cameras are certainly functional and affordable and could be appealing to some toddlers, you feel that a lot of kids age 5 or older are ready for a real digicam. Have you seen a 2-year-old pick up an iPhone? It’s like they were born knowing the best way to buy an app. To wit, the other day was passing through the B&H SuperStore and noticed a dad with his son, about 12 years old, at the Nikon counter. As the father was chatting with a sales staffer, the 12-year old ambled over to the Nikon D5 model on display, picked it up, fixed several settings and started shooting like he had worked that animal for years!

The point is not to drop $5,000or even $500on a camera for your child, but to understand that children are quite complex within the context of digital gadgets and a plastic toy camera may be a waste of time and money. Money is an issue, needless to say, but if your son or daughter is into taking images or a vacation or summer camp is in the works, then a durable, reasonably priced camera is a better investment than one that might break within a couple of weeks. Also, in case your children are love to perform with their buddies and record the antics. Most point-and-shoots have SD or HD video, so an affordable version will go a very long way to keeping kids busy and creative, making family movies without you even having to shout at them to smile.

Photography knows no boundaries, and age is definitely no exception. Young or old it’s one of the most popular pastimes out there, and there’s an extensive range of cameras available that are suitable for toddlers all the way up to teenagers.

In fact, some of the cameras that are perfect for younger shooters are equally appropriate for adults thanks to the availability of innovative characteristics and functions.

Cameras for younger children offer an introduction into the planet of photography with pleasure and innovative designs and features. Older kids and teens might benefit from a convenient compact camera offering features including high-resolution sensors and wireless connectivity to a smartphone program.

For adolescents looking for a little, lightweight and versatile option, a compact system camera (mirrorless) could be a perfect choice. With the ability to modify lenses the camera kit can grow as the experience and needs of the photographer change.

One camera that continues to appeal to photographers of all ages is the instant camera. Traditional instant prints as you take them remain as popular as ever because nothing beats a print in the hand that may be passed around and loved. So whatever the age of your kids or grandchildren, there’s a camera that’s perfect for them.


Action Cameras

There are a wide variety of actions cameras available, this now includes ones designed especially for children, which are streamlined, easy to use and as many come with waterproof casing, they can be used to capture underwater activity as well as sporty tasks out of the water.

VTech KidiZoom Action Cam

The VTech KidiZoom Action Cam is priced at 5.48 and is a current bestseller around on Amazon. Take photos, record movies and play games on it, plus it has a watertight case and mounts for attaching to a bike or helmet. You can choose from plenty of cartoon and distortion effects and the camera features 128MB of internal memory that’s expandable with a micro SD card.

PreSchool Kids

Even at a younger age, it’s easy to start a kid’s interest in photography with fun and vibrant cameras that are simple to work. Designed with small hands in mind, these chunky cameras are well suited for kids to grab hold of and experiment with shooting their particular images.

VTech KidiZoom Couple

The VTech Kidizoom Duo is available in blue or pink. This camera has large handles to make it easy to hold as well as 2 optical viewfinders allowing binocular vision. It features front and back 2-megapixel cameras to allow the simple taking of selfies and has a 2.3-inch color LCD screen. 4x digital zoom is featured on both cameras. It’s great for imagination, with You&Me Photo Effects, 5 games, a voice recorder and photo edition options built in.

Playskool Show Cam

The Playskool Showcam features a built-in projector to permit children to view the image on a wall or simple surface. It is available in gray or pink. This camera will not feature a flash, so may struggle to take pictures indoors or in low light but it does have built-in editing with more than 50 silly effects and certainly will store up to 1000 photographs internally.

Leapfrog Creativity Camera App & Case

This revolutionary idea from Leapfrog uses an iPhone or iPod touch fit into the protective case to let kids create pictures and express themselves with assistance from an app. Well suited for ages 3-5, this program/case mix can help nurture creativity, self-expression, and matching. The Leapfrog Imagination Camera App & Case features 6 different use styles including a gallery and editing choices with filter, stamp, and morphs abilities. There is also a Photobooks choice to create themed albums.

Educational / Constructing Cameras

Children of 8 and over and even adults which are interested in how things work will relish in the capability to assemble their own fully functioning camera. Whether you want to build a digital or film camera, there are alternatives for both. These kits make great stocking fillers and will undoubtedly occupy a few hours over the festive period.

Lomography Konstruktor

The Lomography Konstruktor is a DIY / Construct your own SLR film camera with a 50mm f/10 lens and is designed to teach you how film cameras operate. It really is recommended for ages 12 and is accessible for around 26 making it an affordable entry into movie photography. It’s easy to use and has all the basic functions needed allowing you to snap images, wind film on and even shoot long exposure pictures. It is also possible to purchase different lens adaptors to change the effect.


The Bigshot digital camera was made as an educational tool, enabling kids and adults to construct their own digital camera. That is a recharging crank on the side allowing it to be charged everywhere. The Bigshot features 3 distinct lenses and an optical viewfinder. Recommended for ages 8