Anti-Radiation Eyeglasses Review

26 Jan

Anti-radiation – Eyesight issues are sadly one of the dangers of an excessive amount of screen time. Actually, the Vision Council found that 70 percent of US adults in a single survey reported having some form of digital eye strain (strained, dry, or red eyes; blurry vision; headaches; back pain; neck pain; or general exhaustion) as an effect of utilizing digital apparatus for hours at a time.

There are several methods to prevent or reduce eyestrain, including using the 20-20-20 rule to consistently give your eyes a rest and optimizing your workstation. Along with all those tweaks that are vital, computer eyewear prevents or may also relieve eye strain that is digital, depending on your own circumstances. I spoke to several eye health specialists to learn more about these special spectacles, and also did a two-week trial comparing new specially coated eyeglasses with older ones.

How Computer Glasses Work

Computer spectacles are specific-function anti-radiation eyeglasses intended to optimize your eyesight when you are taking a look at digital displays. They are designed to: reduce glare (a significant source of eyestrain), increase contrast, and maximize exactly what you see through the lenses—making it simpler to examine a display for longer intervals. Here are the two primary characteristics you will see in spectacles like these:

Anti-Radiation (AR) coating: Anti-radiation coatings from light sources and reduce glare bouncing off displays. Specially-designed gaming and anti-radiation computer eyeglasses from VC and Gunnar Eyewear offer prescription eyeglasses and these coatings can get anti-radiation coatings also. Yet, not all anti-radiation coatings are the same.

As it pertains to coatings, you’ve got two general choices: new and old. Older ones do skin and “craze,” resulting in unsightly fractures, while newer ones wear very well and have a one-year guarantee. So when you are at the eye doctor, you will desire to request the most recent coating—and possibly purchase new anti-radiation eyeglasses even in case your prescription has not changed in the last few years because coatings undoubtedly have enhanced.

Alleviating Computer Eye Strain

When you work at a computer for any period of time, it is common to experience eye strain, blurred vision, red eyes and other symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS). The reason being the visual requirements of computer work are unlike those connected with most other tasks.

In the event that you are under age 40, blurry vision or eye strain during computer work may be as a result of an inability of your eyes to stay correctly focused on your own display or because your eyes have trouble shifting focus from your computer keyboard to your display and back for lengthy intervals. These focusing (accommodation) issues frequently are linked with CVS.

In the event you are over age 40, the issue may be because of the onset of presbyopia — the ordinary age-associated decline of close focusing ability. This, also, can cause CVS symptoms.

So what are you able to do? For starters, have an all-inclusive eye exam to eliminate eyesight issues and upgrade your anti-radiation eyeglasses prescription. Studies demonstrate that even small inaccuracies in your prescription lenses can bring about computer vision troubles.*

In case your eyeglasses are up to date (or you do not want prescription eyewear for most jobs) and you continue to experience eye discomfort during computer work, consider buying customized anti-radiation computer eyeglasses. These specific-purpose spectacles are prescribed especially to reduce eye strain and supply you with the most comfortable vision possible in your personal computer.

Why Computer Eyeglasses?

Computer spectacles differ from reading glasses or routine eyeglasses in numerous methods to optimize your eyesight when seeing your computer screen.

Computer screens typically are placed 20 to 26 inches from the user’s eyes. This really is regarded as the intermediate zone of eyesight — closer than driving (“space”) eyesight, but further away than reading (“close”) eyesight.

Most young folks wear eyeglasses to correct their distance vision. Reading glasses are prescribed to correct near vision just. And bifocals prescribed for those over age 40 with presbyopia correct just far and close. Even trifocals and progressive lenses (which do have some lens power for intermediate eyesight) generally do not have a big enough intermediate zone for comfy computer work.

Without computer eyeglasses, many computer users frequently wind up with blurry vision, eye strain, and headaches — the hallmark symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Still, a lot of folks make an effort to compensate for their eyesight that is blurry by tipping their head to look through the underside part of their eyeglasses, or by leaning forwards. These two activities can lead to a sore back, sore shoulders as well as a sore neck.

Though they occasionally are called “computer reading glasses,” it is far better to call eyewear designed particularly for computer use “computer glasses” or “computer eyeglasses” to differentiate them from traditional reading glasses. Computer spectacles set the lens power that is optimum for seeing your computer screen right in which you have a need for it for a clear, broad field of view with no requirement for excessive focusing attempt or unhealthful bearings.

There are things we shouldn’t forget in caring our eyes:

  • See an eye doctor. In the event that you believe that there’s something wrong with your eyesight or happened, seek help.

  • Have enough sleep. After a tiring day, get a rest or sleep 8 hours to state your eyes.

  • While by means of a computer, give a routine rest.

Computer Eyewear Safeguards your Eyes from Displays

Exact Blue Filter

Consume and reflect high-energy blue light that interrupts your sleep cycle and strains your eyes.

Enhanced Visual Comparison

Augment color comparison between things to bring a vivid visual experience.

Ultra Lightweight Protective Coatings

Made with aircraft grade plastic. Anti-glare, Anti-scratch coating, and 100% UV protection.

List of recommended Eyewear


Founded in the United States, Ray Ban was initially designed for U.S. military aviators. Now, Ray-Ban is among the world recognized brands, creating shades and iconic eyeglasses in various lens and frame fashions. Ray Ban eyeglasses are and always have been a nod to the casually cool.


A godsend to sports enthusiasts, Oakley eyewear is the culmination of contemporary layout and advanced function. The brand proceeds to pave the way in sports-specific lens technology for both prescription and routine sunglass lenses.


Gucci eyewear is a lovely extension of its present lines of perfumes, handbags, and high-end clothing. The Italian brand creates an exquisite style in your mind and spectacles with quality, for the discerning buyer.


That’s only the start, although the elegantly artful layout of Persol eyewear may be recognized by the Supreme Arrow. Behind the classic beauty of the spectacles is a creative and original kind that makes these spectacles and shades long-lasting and comfy.


A clearly authentic designer brand that is Italian, the doorway opens into the world of cutting edge trend. Prada was initially an exclusive shop specializing in high-end goods and bags, accessories but carries eyewear that harks back to the brand’s avant-garde strategy.


Produced out of the U.S. military’s demand for long-lasting eyewear, WileyX started creating shatterproof glasses. Now, the brand is accessible for civilians who live life on the border, fishing, hunting and riding the open road.


Water worshipers made for water worshipers, Costa. Their patented technology provides protection and complete clarity on glasses that refuse to steal, corrode or weigh anyone down, in addition to the water.


British brand Burberry lives where preciseness matches high-end. From its hallmark trench coat to a knight and its iconic check, graceful refinement is epitomized by Burberry. Burberry eyewear provides the exact same appearance and quality.

Maui Jim

Developed on the isle of Maui, Maui Jim sunglasses were created to get rid of glare while improving the colors of the isle and fight UV rays. Maui Jim is fairly popular on the seashore as well as on the water while worn by anyone needing to cut glare.

Kate Spade

The vibrant world of Kate Spade started with a line of handbags, at a boutique in Nyc. Kate Spade New York quickly became a brand synonymous with designer quality and fashionable, female style. Kate Spade eyeglasses and shades consistently offer only that.

Dolce & Gabbana

Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana take their cosmopolitan vision to the planet in the kind of high-end clothes and accessories like eyewear. Dolce & Gabbana eyewear is, like its company lines, flavorful and non-traditional.


Bolle’s journey has been loaded since its foundation in 1888 in France. The brand began in combs and hair decorations, growing into eyewear. Now, Bolle sunglasses are coveted among active sportsmen for innovative lens technology and their ergonomic design.


The largest stars are beckoned by among the very identifiable brands on the planet, Versace. Gianni Versace was a thought leader in the sartorial world, defining the fashion industry. Look for Versace eyeglasses to be glamorous, bold and eye catching.


Ralph Lauren

Since the 1960s, this top high-end lifestyle brand has lavished its consumers with a look of classic sophistication. The Ralph Lauren eyewear line continues the tradition and brings girls trying to find dependable quality as well as polished fashion.

POLO by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren’s main POLO brand emerged in 1967 as a superior lifestyle brand for the cut that is a clean and well-tailored guy. POLO eyeglasses and sunglasses accessorize the exact same guy – the person who seeks precision quality as well as tasteful fashion.


Pacific Blue Anti-Radiation Lens Eyeglasses.

  • Lenses are coated with special metallic compounds coatings on BOTH sides that SHIELD your eyes from RADIATION and other ELECTROMAGNETIC emission coming from computer and TV screen computer screens.

  • Help reduce eye strain and eye fatigue.
  • Advisable for those who have prolonged exposure to TV and computer display computer screens.